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Environmental Considerations

I make environmentally conscious choices of sources and materials, and view my work and business practices through this environmental perspective. Fortunately, the environmentally smart choice is often the best quality choice. The master grade Sitka offered as standard is often from standing dead trees that may already have been aging for decades. My Brazilian Rosewood is from reputable sources and is either second harvest trunk wood or reclaimed from salvaged lumber already aged over 100 years.
There is only one best choice for nuts and saddles – Ivory. I use only estate ivory from reputable sources or Mammoth ivory as an options to standard bone. No finish is less invasive to the environment and the sound of a guitar than French Polish, which is an option on my soundboards and necks. Upon completion I compost my waste wood and purchase carbon offset credits to neutralize the environmental impact of shipping your guitar. I want your purchase of a Hatcher guitar to be a smart choice!

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